Called to Serve

Becoming a Benedictine Monk

Benedictine monks are Catholic men who band together in the search for God. Saint Benedict wrote his Rule for monks to give monastic life its organization and to express its purposes. Benedictine monasticism complements a monk’s ambition: his goal of glorifying God in all things. Today’s monks, like centuries of monks before them, embrace Benedict’s Rule as their guide to monastic life. A monk’s first duty is prayer, and the works of virtue that follow upon it. Living together in community, monks vow:

Stability – a commitment of allegiance to this one monastery and its monastic family

Conversion of life – a commitment to live in a monastic manner, following the Gospel according to the insights of Saint Benedict

Obedience – a commitment to give order to their pursuit of God by working under the guidance of a wise Abbot, who acts as “father” of the monastic community

Catholic men considering whether they are called to the life of a Benedictine monk of Belmont Abbey should contact the Director
of Vocations
at (704) 825-6675. Candidates should be between 21 and 50 years old. The Director of Vocations is available to discuss the life, prayer, and work of the Abbey, as well as questions regarding the discernment of vocation. He can also provide publications that may help you in learning about the Benedictine life here.

Contact the Vocations Director