Belmont Monks

The Benedictine Monks of Belmont Abbey

The monks of Belmont Abbey have from diverse backgrounds. Our current confreres come from several states on the East Coast and beyond. They have pursued graduate studies in fields such as Chemistry, Theology, Philosophy, History, English, Meteorology, Law and Library Information Systems. Before entering monastic life, some of the monks pursued professional careers in business, law, education, and retails sales, and several served on active duty in various branches of the Armed Forces.

What follows are the personal stories of four men who have given their lives to the Lord as Benedictine monks of Belmont Abbey.

Profile: Father Christopher

Father Christopher on Becoming a Monk

“During my college years I was profoundly influenced by the monks — I admired the discipline of their lives and their selfless concern for their students.”
Fr. Christopher’s Story

Profile: Brother Gregory

Brother Gregory on Becoming a Monk

“This was my first encounter with a place that seemed to genuinely nurture the kind of life that I wanted to live.”
Br. Gregory’s Story

Profile: Brother Elias

Brother Elias on Becoming a Monk

“There is an insight gained from an actual visit… It was through this whole process that I felt emotionally drawn to Belmont Abbey, excited and enthusiastic about the possibility.”
Br. Elias’ Story

Profile: Abbot Placid

Abbot Placid on Becoming a Monk

“The monks impressed me as very talented men who were doing a good work, and were happy with their life. That was very attractive to me, and I wanted to be a part of that good work.”
Ab. Placid’s Story