Oblates of Saint Benedict

An Oblate is a lay person, single or married, formally associated with a particular monastery. An Oblate seeks to live a life in harmony with the spirit of Saint Benedict as revealed in the Rule of Saint Benedict and its contemporary expression.

Oblates do not usually live in the monastic house of the community, yet they remain one with the community while they continue faithfully to carry out the duties of their particular state in life and occupation, wherever they may be.

Oblates strive to lead full Christian lives enlightened by personal efforts to understand Christ’s teaching in the Scriptures as interpreted by St. Benedict in his Rule for monks. Oblates are guided and inspired by their continued spiritual association with the monastic community.

Since Oblates of St. Benedict primarily offer themselves for the service of God and others, they will therefore strive for God’s honor and glory before all else, keeping in mind the Benedictine motto: “That in all things God may be glorified.”

To learn more about the Oblates of Saint Benedict at Belmont Abbey, please visit their website.