Benedict's Rule

The Rule of Saint Benedict

Written by Saint Benedict of Nursia in the 6th century, the Rule of Saint Benedict provides spiritual and practical guidance to monks living together in the service of God.

The Rule is comprised of 73 chapters, each dealing with a specific aspect of monastic life.

Chapter 1 On the Kinds of Monks
Chapter 3 On Calling the Brethren for Counsel
Chapter 4 What Are the Instruments of Good Works
Chapter 5 On Obedience
Chapter 6 On the Spirit of Silence
Chapter 7 On Humility
Chapter 8 On the Divine Office During the Night
Chapter 9 How Many Psalms Are to Be Said at the Night
Chapter 10 How the Night Office Is to Be Said in Summer Time
Chapter 11 How the Night Office Is to Be Said on Sundays
Chapter 12 How the Morning Office is to Be Said
Chapter 13 How the Morning Office to Be Said on Weekdays
Chapter 14 How the Night Office Is to Be Said on the Feasts of the Saints
Chapter 15 At What Times “Alleluia” Is to Be Said
Chapter 16 How the Work of God Is to Be Performed During the Day
Chapter 17 How Many Psalms Are to Be Said at These Hours
Chapter 18 In What Order the Psalms Are to Be Said
Chapter 19 On the Manner of Saying the Divine Office
Chapter 20 On Reverence in Prayer
Chapter 21 On the Deans of the Monastery
Chapter 22 How They Are to Sleep
Chapter 23 On Excommunication for Faults
Chapter 24 What the Measure of Excommunication Should Be
Chapter 25 On Weightier Faults
Chapter 26 On Those Who Without an Order Associate With the Excommunicated
Chapter 27 How Solicitous the Abbot Should Be for the Excommunicated
Chapter 28 On Those Who Will Not Amend After Repeated Corrections
Chapter 29 Whether Brothers Who Leave the Monastery Should Be Received Again
Chapter 30 How Boys Are to Be Corrected
Chapter 31 What Kind of Man the Cellarer of the Monastery Should Be
Chapter 32 On the Tools and Property of the Monastery
Chapter 33 Whether Monks Ought to Have Anything of Their Own
Chapter 34 Whether All Should Receive in Equal Measure What Is Necessary
Chapter 35 On the Weekly Servers in the Kitchen
Chapter 36 On the Sick
Chapter 37 On Old Men and Children
Chapter 38 On the Weekly Reader
Chapter 39 On the Measure of Food
Chapter 40 On the Measure of Drink
Chapter 41 At What Hours the Meals Should Be Taken
Chapter 42 That No One Speak After Compline
Chapter 43 On Those Who Come Late to the Work of God or to Table
Chapter 44 How the Excommunicated Are to make Satisfaction
Chapter 45 On Those Who Make Mistakes in the Oratory
Chapter 46 On Those Who Fail in Any Other Matters
Chapter 47 On Giving the Signal for the Time of the Work of God
Chapter 48 On the Daily Manual Labor
Chapter 49 On the Observance of Lent
Chapter 50 On Those Who Are Working Far From the Oratory or Are on a Journey
Chapter 51 On Brethren Who Go Not Very Far Away
Chapter 52 On the Oratory of the Monastery
Chapter 53 On the Reception of Guests
Chapter 54 Whether Monastics Should Receive Letters or Anything Else
Chapter 55 On the Clothes and Shoes of the Brethren
Chapter 57 On the Artisans of the Monastery
Chapter 59 On the Sons of Nobles and of the Poor Who Are Offered
Chapter 60 On Priests Who May Wish to Live in the Monastery
Chapter 61 How Pilgrim Monks Are to Be Received
Chapter 62 On the Priests of the Monastery
Chapter 63 On the Order of the Community
Chapter 65 On the Prior of the Monastery
Chapter 66 On the Porters of the Monastery
Chapter 67 On Brethren Who Are Sent on a Journey
Chapter 69 That the Monks Presume Not to Defend One Another
Chapter 70 That No One Venture to Punish at Random
Chapter 71 That the Brethren Be Obedient to One Another
Chapter 72 On the Good Zeal Which They Ought to Have
Chapter 73 On the Fact That the Full Observance of Justice Is Not Established in This Rule