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Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time July 12, 2020

  • On July 12, 2020
Today’s readings speak to us of God’s Word and transformation, the transformation that can be wrought in us by God’s word if we are open to it. This transformation is the goal of every Christian life. From St. Paul, we hear that all creation awaits with eager expectation this transformation, the revelation of the children […]
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The Ascension of the Lord, May 24, 2020

  • On May 24, 2020
It appears that this great feast of the Lord’s Ascension, the second of the great Easter Feasts, risks being overshadowed by the celebrations of the Resurrection at Easter and the coming Solemnity of Pentecost. Yet the Lord’s Ascension is an essential part in the completion of the salvation which the Son of God was sent […]
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Sixth Sunday of Easter May 17, 2020

  • On May 18, 2020
The gospel reading the Church gives us today seems very appropriate for this 6th Sunday of Easter, as we approach the celebration of Christ’s bodily Ascension into heaven and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. For Christ today speaks about what life will be like for his disciples, once those events have passed. […]
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Third Sunday of Easter April 26, 2020

  • On April 27, 2020
The story of the journey to Emmaus, in today’s Easter gospel, brings with it echoes of life, because how often life itself is described as a journey. And of course, many things happen on the road to Emmaus to which we can relate as human beings, for they are quintessentially human experiences. First, Cleopas and […]
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Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time February 16, 2020

  • On February 16, 2020
In today’s gospel, Jesus speaks about the Law. By the Law, Jesus means the law of God with its prescripts and commandments that has been handed down to us. And whatever may be our own attitude when we hear or read about the Law, Jesus’ words today make it clear that He considers the Law […]
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Second Sunday in Ordinary Time January 19, 2020

  • On January 20, 2020
The reason why I came baptizing with water was that He might be made known. In today’s gospel, we hear St. John the Baptist state his mission – to make Jesus known. It is of course the mission of every Christian, to make Jesus known, and for good reason. When people know Jesus, they obtain […]
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Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 22, 2019

  • On December 23, 2019
The virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall name him Emmanuel. This prophecy is mentioned twice in today’s readings, and so it seems that we are invited in today’s Mass to think about God’s providence in speaking this message. The events of our first reading from Isaiah the prophet take place in the […]
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Third Sunday of Advent, December 15, 2019

  • On December 16, 2019
I had a happy experience yesterday. I ran into one of our alumni who told me about his son, who now at age three, is able to be filled with excitement about Santa, and asks every day, “Is he coming?!” His father keeps telling him, “No. We have to light all the candles first” [on […]
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Second Sunday of Advent, December 8, 2019

  • On December 9, 2019
Prepare the way of the Lord. Those words almost precisely encapsulate for us the purpose of this season of Advent. Today, as we are called to continue to prepare the way of the Lord, we are presented the testimony of St. John the Baptist, a reminder for us that a significant part of our preparation […]
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The Solemnity of Christ the King, November 24, 2019

  • On December 9, 2019
Today’s Feast of Christ the King brings to a close the annual cycle of the church’s liturgy. It fittingly focuses our attention on Jesus Christ and brings alive once again in our hearts the words spoken at the great Easter Vigil last spring while inscribing the paschal candle, the symbol of the risen Christ: “Christ […]
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