Meet Our Novice

June 11, 2020

We would like to introduce you to Brother Bernard. Our new novice is adapting to life here at Belmont Abbey and he would like to share his story.

From Brother Bernard:

Br BernardI had at a comfortable life. I was surrounded by close family and friends, deeply embedded in a Methodist church community, and had a dependable career as a correctional case manager with the State of North Carolina. But something was missing. I realized God was calling me to a deeper relationship with him. 

This led me to the RCIA class at the local Catholic parish. I fell in love with Mary and the sacraments. I was blessed to celebrate my first Eucharist at the Easter vigils in 2014.  As time passed, I visited several monasteries and after much spiritual direction, I discerned a calling to the Contemplative life and entered the Trappist Community at Mepkin Abbey. This experience was wonderful, but I felt called to a Benedictine life that included a more apostolic component.  Over the previous years I had visited Belmont Abbey several times and was always impressed with the wonderful hospitality of the monastic community and their outreach to the college. I asked to discern with the community and was graciously welcomed into the postulancy and onto the novitiate.  Belmont’s balance of community prayer, sacred reading, and contemplative prayer creates an environment that allows me to become more intimate with Jesus every day.


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