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Brother Gregory on Becoming a Monk

"This was my first encounter with a place that seemed to genuinely nurture the kind of life that I wanted to live."
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The Latest Monastery News: September 2016

The monastic community helped welcome the largest entering class ever, over 430 new students, to Belmont Abbey College on Friday, August 19.

The Matriculation Ceremony for Belmont Abbey College's Class of 2020 was held in the abbey basilica on Saturday evening, August 20. The college faculty join the monastic community for Solemn Vespers, along with the new class. During the service, the new class is formally handed over from the Admissions Office to the college faculty.

The monastic community began consideration of a new Customary at a community meeting on August 24.

Abbot Placid departed on September 4 for Rome to participate in the Congress of Benedictine Abbots at the International Benedictine College, Sant' Anselmo, Sept. 4-16. This gathering held every four years, brings together all the abbots of the Benedictine Confederation from around the world. The most significant item on the agenda this year is the election of a new Abbot Primate for the Benedictine Order.

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Local Monastery Sights: Lourdes Grotto

Lourdes Grotto

Lourdes Grotto

The monastery's Lourdes Grotto was created in 1891. Intended to foster prayers for vocations, it was blessed as a Pilgrimage Shrine.

The Grotto is just one of many sites in and around Belmont Abbey.

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