Br. Bede Makes Simple Profession

January 16, 2020

Br. Bede (Daniel) McKeon professed simple vows (for three years) and received the monastic hood at Mass on the Memorial of Saints Maur and Placid, January 15, 2020.  Present for the profession and celebration were the members of the monastic community, priests of the Diocese of Charlotte, members of the College community, as well as family and friends of Br. Bede.

Br. Bede is now a junior monk in our community and will begin to take on additional duties and responsibilities in the monastery and in the College.  This spring semester, he will take a philosophy class in the College, observe the teaching of an English literature class, and also begin to learn about the monastery archives.  The three years of juniorate continue to be a time of discernment for Br. Bede, as through prayer, he seeks to determine if God is calling him to this way of life.

Br. Bede is most recently from Woodstock, Georgia, in the Atlanta area, and originally from New York state where he was born.  Before coming to the monastery, he taught high school English and literature.  He has bachelor’s degrees in both English and English Education.  We are happy to congratulate him on reaching this step in his discernment of religious life!

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