Diaconate Ordination of Brother James – Wednesday, March 8, 2023

March 9, 2023

On Wednesday March 8, 2023 the Monks of Belmont Abbey as well as friends of the Abbey celebrated the Diaconate Ordination Mass of Brother James, who God-willing will be ordained a priest of Jesus Christ in 2024.

“Society is really bad at helping people become happy. I tried doing what the culture said would make me happy but nothing worked. I’d been raised as a Catholic in a Christian household and therefore knew happiness was possible. But I learned it just isn’t possible living a Post-Christian life. I decided I would put my trust in God to make me happy instead of the world and eventually found myself at Belmont Abbey. I, still to this day, do not know why God has asked me to be a monk, only that He has. Yet, even with this lack of knowledge, I am certain that I have found happiness and continue to live a happy life where I can have an impact on the happiness of others. Life is good here in a way that the society could never have prepared me for or hoped to instill in any adherent.” – Brother James



*Photos courtesy of John Jacob

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