Monks Serve in Belmont Abbey College’s Summer Schola Program

August 8, 2018

Abbot Placid Solari, Br. Anselm Cundiff, Br. George Rumley, and Br. James Raber were all collaborators in Belmont Abbey College’s summer Schola program.  Over the period July 9-21, two separate groups of high school students were hosted at Belmont Abbey College, each for a week.  At the core of the program, the students were engaged in the reading and analysis of great books.  Monks joined the faculty of the College in giving lectures to the students, engaging them in discussions, and also accompanying the students on recreational outings, including a visit to the Billy Graham Library and a hiking trip to the South Mountains State Park.

The Schola program, in its second year, has proved very popular with participants.  It is a good way for high school students to be introduced to the liberal arts tradition, and to meet other people interested in intellectually stimulating discussions.  Belmont Abbey College plans to continue the program, with two more weeks already scheduled for next summer.  And the monks will likely be helping out with the program again next year!

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